Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We've been in our house for nearly two months...

and I have NO window treatments. Nada one. No blinds. No drapes. No shades. Not in the bedroom. Bathroom. Living room. Nothing.

I'm so embarrassed.

When we first moved in, I was all gung-ho to get things going and set up. And set up we did... everything except one guest bedroom and window treatments... which I haven't touched. Well this weekend - being a long weekend and all - I'm going to get some stuff DONE.

I've been putting off doing window treatments in our bedroom because I know I want to buy new bed linens (and I can't choose drapes until bed linens are selected.) So hopefully I'll get time to shop for that this weekend. Then, I'm just going to measure the bathrooms, bonus room and guest bedrooms for wood blinds... and go ahead and get those ordered. I really wanted to do plantation shutters... but I couldn't justify $500/per window at this time. Or any other time really
(especially when our house has like 25 floor to ceiling windows.) And while I love plantation shutters... does anyone every stop and go "Ooooooh - I LOVE the shutters you chose for your house!" No. They don't. Now custom fabric treatments... they could get some attention. So I'll save my $$$ for that in the living room... where they'll get the most action.

But, alas, the dining and living room are going to have to wait - as I really want to have someone make custom treatments for those... and right now, time and money are not on my side.

But as long as the bathroom and bedroom windows are covered... I'll feel much better.

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