Thursday, May 27, 2010


So I was going through some old pictures the other day and found two really cute pictures of two really cute people.

My ma and daddy. Aren't they precious?

They were high school sweethearts. I loved looking at their high school yearbooks when I was younger... seeing what they wrote in each others books. Checking out their pictures - sports pics for my dad, student government pics for my mom. Laughed at their senior superlatives:

My Dad: Biggest Flirt. My dad first met my mom when she a sophomore, and was he a junior. And of course he thought she was super cute. Problem? She had an older boyfriend at the time... a senior. How did my dad handle it? He went up to said boyfriend and told him "This time next year I'll be dating your girlfriend." Haha, I'm sure the boyfriend looooved hearing that. But sure enough, the following year, it happened. And my dad's pick-up line? Asking my mom (who was outside for gym class) if she needed him to put suntan lotion on her shoulders. Play on playa.

My Mom: Most Popular. And if you know my mom, you no doubt know she wasn't the "popular because I'm snooty" type - but popular because she probably was the nicest person in that whole school. You don't get nicer and sweeter than my mom.

I bet as young teens they didn't think 35+ years ago here they'd be... five children, 3 children-in-law, lots of laughs, cries, stories and memories later. But I'm so thankful they are.

I think I'll keep 'em.

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