Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So my sweetest little baby brother turns 21 today. Kev is my buddy. I love that kid a bunch. Maybe too much.

Chad tells me that I worry too much about Kevin. I tell him, "I can't help it, he'
s my baby!" To which Chad responds: "Um, negative ghost rider. He's your mom's baby." But whatever. He's my baby brother. The youngest of the 3 boys in my family. Though he's got a good 4 inches on all the rest of 'em.

You big sisters know what I'm talking. There is a special bond you have with your youngest brother.

Kev and I are also the most outspoken of the siblings - so we get into quite often.

But he knows that I love him dearly, and I know the same.

Kevin loves to celebrate his birthday though - and for the past 6 months, has talked about "Kevinsgiving" - which is his birthday celebration. There is a lot to celebrate about Kev.

He's smart. Doing great in school. Has a sweet girlfriend. Is hilarious and fun.

And he has great hair.

His senior prom - hair a little on the longish side:

Holy hair! I'm hoping (for his sake) there was a shadow involved:

Trimmed down, a little more presentable:

Gah he's tall:

Looking more grown up:

And so handsome:

So happy birthday, buddy! You ARE the favorite.

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  1. Holy hair! haha - PS: Looking at these photos over time, you have about three Kevin hug poses that you seem to rotate yet Kev has the same stance in all of them. But I like every one anyway. Happy Kevinsgiving!