Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost Finale

So a few months back I commented how I was just ready for Lost to end already. They had dragged it out so much - and I thought I was bound to be disappointed by the finale.

I'm pleased to say - I was so wrong.

Of course the finale didn't answer many of the questions the past 6 seasons have posed... but I think it if did, it would have felt too forced. We would have just heard answer after answer after answer.

What the finale did an outstanding job of doing is getting you emotionally connected to the characters again so that all you cared about was the very satisfying way they brought them all back together at the end. The reason the show had such a cult-like following was because of the intrigue and mystery. If the finale answered every question, what people loved most about the show would have been stripped from it. So in the end, yes you are still left with questions, but you are satisfied with the non-answers.

And from the opening of the very first episode - of Jack opening his eyes - to the end of the very last - Jack closing his eyes... just amazing.

Bravo I say. I don't think they could have possibly ended it better.

PS: And a small cheer that Jack and Kate ended up together in the end... it was my hope all along.

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