Thursday, May 12, 2011

Diaper Bag - check!

Okay, so here is the thing. If I know exactly what I want - I am a quick trigger person. I don't hesitate. I whip out my credit card and do the dang thing.

So I've learned to pay attention to my instincts if I don't want to instantly purchase something. Because if I have to hem and haw over it... and then I purchase... almost always I get buyers remorse. That's how I've felt for the past 6 months about diaper bags. I'd see something I'd like, make a note of it, and even tell myself that I'd really like it.

But there would always be something that held me back. I never had the urge to take out my credit card and swipe.

Truth: finding a diaper bag is no easy feat. There are soooo many different styles, sizes and shapes. Different patterns and materials. Reviews that are conflicting - too big, too small, not enough compartments, too many compartments, not wipeable enough, not good enough material, not as pictured, etc., etc., etc.

So, yesterday I was very close to purchasing this yellow Liz Lange diaper bag. I had been eying Liz Lange bags since the beginning... but for some reason I couldn't pull the trigger. Sure, of everything I had seen, I liked it best. It looked the most like something I would carry. I liked the bright yellow leather and gold hardware. But then I'd hesitate - I was afraid after a few months of bright yellow, the color would wear on me. I was afraid that the a bright color in the winter would look funny. I was scared that yellow would clash with about 50+% of my outfits.

And, honestly, if I'm buying a diaper bag because it looks like something I would carry, I need it to be something that at least matches the majority of my wardrobe.

So I kept looking. It wasn't easy.

I thought about this one...

or this one...

or this one...

but none of them felt 100% right... though there were parts of them I liked for different reasons. But still, nothing "trigger worthy."

And then I found it.
The Storksak Gigi. It was me in a diaper bag. Simple. Good quality. Without the bells and whistles. Something I could carry all the time and not get sick of. Something that if Chad had to carry around a shopping mall, he wouldn't feel like an idiot. Something that even post-baby would probably work great as a laptop bag. It just worked. I had found it.

The next decision. Brown or black. I love them both. How can I possibly decide?!?!

Answer: hassle one of my best girlfriends at the beach with a 7:45 a.m. text message to pleaseeee help me decide. It was hard enough for find a bag I actually wanted to purchase- why did it have to tempt me with two excellent color choices.

We both quickly agreed that black with the tan piping would have been ideal... but alas, that was not in the cards. But when I thought about it:

1) Although you can totally do brown+black together, I wear black much more often than brown.
2) Black is less likely to show scratches, pen marks and stains. (A necessity for me in a normal purse - never mind a diaper bag.)
3) My stroller (which this puppy will be hanging on the back of often) is cream and black.

So black it is.And thanks to free two-day shipping, this little princess will be mine all mine come Monday.

So I'm sooooooo glad I didn't purchase one of the other diaper bags just because I was anxious to mark it off my list. I found one that I 100% adore. Three cheers for me!

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