Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We found a nursery dresser!

Chad isn't too picky about much - but when it comes to purchasing furniture (of the wooden variety) he likes to put his two cents in.

Here are the issues:
1) Chad likes REAL WOOD furniture. No engineered wood, pressed-particle board drawers and backing, etc. If he's going to spend the money on something, he wants it to last for years.
2) Real wood is expensive.
3) Chad wants me to be cost-conscious when it comes to nursery decorating.

So I did some looking. I found some nice looking pieces for a great prices, expect they were made with materials Chad would frown at. I found some real wood pieces that looked great, but they had a price tag Chad would frown at.

This was not going to work out well.

So last week - after I spent lots of time researching options for a dresser for the nursery - I expressed my frustration to him. I asked him if HE was the one in charge of looking for the baby's furniture for a good cost and high quality, where would he start?

He told me to look into unfinished furniture stores - that he wouldn't mind painting the dresser himself if we could get a nicer piece of furniture for less money.


So we headed to a local unfinished wood store on Sunday and checked out the selection. We found a couple pieces that fit the bill, but I liked this shaker-style one better. Chad liked one that was a bit rounder and had the drawers set on the outside (instead of flush). He asked how we would decide which one since we both liked a separate one a teeny bit better.

I said easy... the person carrying the baby decides. ;) So that's that! There's a cute matching end-table that goes with it, so hopefully Chaddy can go pick up our pieces this weekend and he can start on the finishing!

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