Monday, May 16, 2011


I forgot to mention in all my pessimistic grumbling that I know a family that needs some REAL prayers. I've been lucky to get to know a lady who had an IUI right around the same time I did and we're only a few days off on our due dates.

Due to some complications with her placenta not developing the way it was supposed to - and therefore not nourishing the baby - she was forced to deliver her little boy Liam at a little past the 25 week mark -- weighing 1 lb and 10.5 inches. Her little fighter is doing fine for now - all things considered - and was able to let out a good cry for her right after he came out, and has been grasping her finger when she comes to visit him in the NICU (which just makes my heart melt.) According to her doctors, babies have a 70% chance of surviving at 25 weeks. The rate jumps to 95% at 28 weeks.

It just goes to show how seriously every day I get to carry baby J is. Each day makes a HUGE difference in his ability to survive outside the womb if some unexpected complication would arise.

She had her baby last Thursday, and was sweet enough to post some pictures of him a few times already. Just seeing that little boy made my heart break - because I know our little baby is likely about the same size (if not a bit bigger, since - as far as I know - I'm not having any placenta issues). Continue to keep Liam and his mama and daddy in your prayers as he continues to fight. He'll likely be in the NICU until August or September... so he has a long road ahead of him.

Here he is... about 3 days old. Check out daddy's wedding ring by his head so you can see the size difference:

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