Monday, May 23, 2011


Happy Monday everyone.

I'm having a hard time believing that May is almost over.

That gives me June and July... and then sometime during August, a little boy will make his big debut! Crazy.

So, all in all, it was a pretty busy weekend. I guess for the gestational diabetes update, things have been going fine. I've been great about testing my blood sugar levels at all the right times. All my readings (up until today) have been completely normal... if not low. Today, my fasting level and my post-breakfast level are just a little over... 3 or 4 points... which is odd, because - at least for breakfast - I ate the exact same thing I've been eating all week that has given me super-low levels. Go figure. Looking forward to the doctor's appointment on Thursday to hear what they say.

Other than that - we're just busy, busy! After some deliberation, Chad decided that he wanted to pull all the fescue grass out of our yard and hire someone to re-sod with zoysia (a warm-weather grass.) I hemmed and hawed over the whole thing because I realllly didn't want a warm-weather grass (that goes dormant once it gets cold), but our yard is just too big and gets way too much sun to justify trying to keep fescue alive during the hot summers. Our irrigation bill last summer was out.of.control. and we still ended up with burnt grass.

I must say, the zoysia does look really good and once it starts greening up in the next couple of weeks (this 90+ degree heat we'll have all week actually will help it), I know we'll enjoy it. Next weekend, once we return from Pinehurst, we're going to tackle some of the new flower beds we put in. It's a big undertaking but I know the end result will be worth it.

We're also still making moves on the nursery front. We picked up our dresser and end-table this weekend, and in the next few weekends (after the yardwork gets done), Chad will start painting them. I think they're going to look awesome when he's done. That room is really coming together.

Paint: check
Crib and mattress: check
Crib bedding: check
Glider and ottoman: check
Dresser: check
End table: check
End table lamp: check
Art work: check
Window treatments: check

We still need to buy a few shelves, and perhaps a corner bookshelf (though this can wait), and the room will be complete!

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