Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My produce box: May 3

I got two boxes full of goodies last night. Here is the rundown...

For 21 credits, about $21, I received:

- Cabbage, Green (1 head)
- Sugar Snap Peas (~2/3 lb.)
- Cucumbers (2 ct.)
- Salad Mix (~1/3 lb.)
- Sweet Potatoes, Covington, (~2.0 lbs.)
- Baby Bok Choy (~1 lb.)
- Strawberries (~1 lb.)
- Sourdough, Old World (1 loaf)

You'll notice the salad mix, sweet potatoes and sourdough are repeats from last week. Why? They were all DELICIOUS.

And my resulting menu is:

Tuesday: Homemade grilled BBQ chicken, coleslaw and sour cream + dill cucumbers
Wednesday: Ginger and garlic stir-fried sugar snap peas and bok choy over white cheddar polenta
Thursday: Sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches (Chad made using Cabot white cheddar and our bread last week and it was ah-maz-ing) with garden salad (greens, sugar snap peas, cucumber) and homemade dijon+shallot vinaigrette

And of course, I'll be munching on my pound of strawberries for as long as I can stretch them.

Our menu from last week worked out great, and provided us with some flexibility. I was planning on just serving a big garden salad for dinner last Thursday, but we ended up having our friends David and Jamie come over... so I served a big salad along with cheese tortolleni that I added tomatoes, olive oil and wilted arugula too. And then on Sunday, we cooked for just the two of us at home using the remainder of our Papa Spuds items --- Chad grilled a couple beef filets (which I didn't eat... wasn't feeling the red meat) and then I made a salad with the rest of our pea shoots and salad mix (along with some shaved carrots and garbanzo beans), used the leftovers from our roasted sweet potatoes to turn them into a mash with a little butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, grilled squash and zucchini (which we had sitting in the fridge from the week prior) and used the rest of our sourdough to make fresh garlic bread.

So first week of Papa Spuds = success! Hope our items from this week are just as yummy!

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