Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 Years

So here's how it went.

Chad and I met each other about 9 years ago.

We started dating about 5.5 years ago.

We got married 3 years ago, today.

We've had a lot of fun times since then.

I mean, A LOT of fun times.

And now we're making a person together. A real-life representation of our commitment to each other. A little piece of me and a little piece of Chad made into one perfect little boy. It's the craziest thing ever, I'll tell ya. He might have my hair and Chad's eyes. My smile and Chad's laugh. My ability to memorize rules of comma placement and Chad's ability to memorize comedy quotes. I bet he'll pout like I do when he doesn't get his way, and whine like his daddy does when he doesn't feel good. But he'll be ours. A baby "us." I'm so excited for it.

So happy anniversary to my sweetest husband. You are seriously the most wonderful and precious part of my life here on earth. I can't wait to grow a family together. I'll love you forever.

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  1. What a precious and sweet post. Happy Anny and congrats on the baby love!!! It is extra special and mind blowing...baby is all ya'll!!!!