Friday, April 8, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week: 20

Okay, I'm about to confuse you guys. Well, I've kinda confused myself. I've been doing my week-by-weeks by recapping what had happened the previous week. So, for example, on a Friday, when I'd turn 18 weeks, I'd title my post 17 weeks and write about how that previous week had been. But the more I've seen other people's blogs, I've learned I'm the only one who does it that way.

So today, when I'm 20 weeks, I'm going to PUT 20 weeks (which is much more logical), instead of 19 weeks with the previous week's recap.

Are you thoroughly confused yet? Good.

So yipppeeeeee! I'm 20 weeks today.... halfway there. Can you believe it? Here's what's up with baby boy this week:

Week 20
Baby Size: Cantaloupe. Man, how is this possible? I swear, just a few weeks ago you were the size of a raspberry!
How I feel about being pregnant: Loving this. Everything you hear about the second trimester is true - you feel a million times better and it flies by.
Symptoms: I've been too distracted by allergies to think about pregnancy symptoms.
Food Cravings: Not this week! But my appetite has definitely kicked in and hunger can strike in an instant.
What I'm most excited about: Hopefully starting the nursery in a couple weeks. And both your daddy and I are anxiously awaiting those first few kicks. Hopefully any time now.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: We bought baby J's bassinet! The first "big" thing for our little man. I've also slowly started to put together a registry. I'm starting to feel more productive by knocking a few things off my to-do list.
Special moment: I was snuggling with your daddy on the couch this week, and we were just laughing and having a good ol' time together (as we usually do.) It just warmed my heart the idea that you (being in me) get to be a part of that special time with us... and that when you come out, I bet you'll be used to the sound of our laughter. If there is one thing that your dad and I like to do together, it is laugh. I hope there is never a shortage of laughter in our house.

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