Friday, April 1, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week: 18

Week 18Baby Size: sweet potato! Our little mister was measuring at 9 oz!
How I feel about being pregnant: Content and so, so happy.
Symptoms: Lots of cramps and growing pains. And I can do longer sit at my desk for longer than 30 minutes without taking a break to walk around... or else my tailbone starts to kill me. Heating pad on my lower back at night helps!
Food Cravings: I ALMOST said "no cravings" but I have a feeling Chad would have yelled at me about this since I DID make him go out and buy me java chip ice cream because if he didn't make me a java chip milkshake (daddy makes the BEST milkshakes by hand), I would have started crying. So I do believe that was my first REAL pregnancy (bad, bad, bad) craving!
What I'm most excited about: Planning the nursery for our son! Going shopping this weekend to hopefully get some ideas. I learned this week that I have an anterior placenta (which means my placenta is between the baby and my stomach), so it will probably be another couple of weeks until I start feeling more steady movements. I'm definitely ready for those first kicks... especially the ones that your dad will be able to feel!
Something sweet your daddy did for me: We drove separately to our doctor's appointment, and on the drive Chad called to tell me to turn my radio to a local station where Joe Cockers' "You Are So Beautiful To Me" was playing. It was sweet. Your daddy always makes me feel very loved and special.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: We 100% decided on your name! I'll call you baby J on the blog for now, since I'm not sure if we'll make it public before you arrive. But I love having your name so we can start talking to you using it! I talk to you every morning in the shower and lots throughout the day.
Special moment: Learning our little sweet pea was a son! We are SO excited for this little boy and can't wait to hold him in our arms. You are so special to us already!

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