Monday, April 4, 2011

I think I finally...

...found bedding.
Thank you Serena & Lily.

Let me tell you: finding crib bedding was a pain in the butt... for me at least.

Here's what I didn't want:

1) Anything "themed." No butterflies. No jungles. No elephants. No alphabet. No sports. No nautical. Here's the problem - 95% of nursery bedding has a theme. This is not to say I don't think it's not great for someone else... but personally, I want simple.simple.simple.

2) Anything that is super gender-specific. This also kinda ties in with the theme thing.

3) At the same time, I didn't want something "boy" that is really girlie. Although I liked the bedding from Land of Nod, even the boy stuff looked like something for a little girl... very floral-y.

With that said, there is very little left over. And, if you buy it from one of the major retailers, chances are you know lots of other people with the same bedding. Again, not that this is a big deal - but I wanted something a little different.

... plain, clean, high-quality material, but with a little pop of something. Which is why I think this Sprout bedding fits the bill - the little green piping and the dots on the crib sheet give it just enough character for me.

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