Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two things... only semi-related

1) Baby is on the MOVE. Last Sunday night I began distinctly feeling baby J move around in my stomach. I've felt it every night since... and a few times during the day. I wouldn't describe it as a "fluttering" like many people do.... more like a massive movement in my stomach. Last night I felt huge pressure right in the middle of my stomach, and felt what was likely a head or back pushing against me for about 20 seconds. My stomach was hard as a rock... then when the pressure was removed, it felt back to normal. But it's been awesome to feel him moving... I'm just jealous Chad hasn't been able to feel anything yet.

2) Since Chad is turning the dirty 30 shortly after the baby arrives, I'm trying to go ahead and start planning his big pig pickin' bash ahead of time. While getting quotes for rental tables and chairs and menu requests from caterers, I've found what's REALLY important:

Matching onsies that Baby James and Baby J will be wearing for the party.

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