Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fast Eddie and the Neti

You know that we call my dad "Fast Eddie," right? If you met my dad, you'd immediately understand. My dad just is Fast Eddie. Whenever I talk about Fast Eddie at work, all my coworkers start to laugh because they can picture this "Fast Eddie" in their head. It's just such a fitting name for him... though I do let a 'daddy' slip out from time-to-time --- especially when I need something.

But anyway, my spring allergies have been KILLING me. Like they do every year. Pollen hates me and I hate it. While I usually don't mind doping myself up during allergy season (not that it ever seems to do a lick of good), with this little baby growing in me, I try to get by with as little medicine as possible (even medicine that is baby doctor-approved.)

So finally, after about 2 weeks of not being able to breath (and therefore not being able to sleep), I decided it was time to take action.

My dad, who is king of all crazy sorts of remedies, has always been a fan of the neti pot.

{not MPLT. Who smiles while doing this?!?!?!!?}

The neti pot terrified me though, since I can just picture nasty mucous-y salt water going down the back of my throat. So I've avoided the neti at all costs. But desperate times call for desperate measures. So I called up Fast Eddie yesterday and asked if he show me how to use the neti pot. And boy oh boy was he excited.

I went over after work yesterday and he had the "neti station" all set up for me in the bathroom. Neti pot, warm water, "neti salt", kleenex and a towel. He was like a doctor prepping for surgery. He gave me thorough (overly thorough) instructions and guided me through my first neti pot experience.

Fact: The water doesn't always immediately come right out your other nostril. Don't let this freak you out. I swear I had to keep my head bent over for about 2.5 minutes until it finally drained (just goes to show you how stopped up I was.) Of course, during these 2.5 minutes, Chad thought it would be a good idea to take video of me doing it without telling me (and I will murder him if he ever shows a soul.) But, please if you are ever having a bad day, YouTube search neti pot videos. You'll get hours of giggles.

But man oh man, the neti changed my life. I didn't gag once and never did water touch my throat. While I'm still blowing my nose from time to time, it is NOTHING like the last couple weeks. I actually slept through the entire night last night without waking up to blow my nose once. It was amazing. I'm a true neti fan now.

Thanks, Fast Eddie!

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