Friday, February 4, 2011

The real reason I hadn't been posting much lately...

... it's a little hard to pretend to be interested in writing about random things when the only thing you can possibly think about is the precious little baby growing inside you...

... and making you throw up your insides...

... and completely turning you off from all food/cooking (just ask Chad)...

... and because I'd much rather have stockpiled MPLT posts to update you all now that we're finally able to announce:


Oh yes, God is so faithful to us.

...more to come...


  1. Congratulations Caroline! I remember months and months ago reading your first post about fertility struggles and it honestly broke my heart. For all of us that were meant to be mothers, it really hit home with me and I said a little prayer for you every night because I imagined being in your shoes and wanting something so bad and having zero control over it; especially the hope of being a mother. I know it is weird for me to think of having children when I am not even close to being married, but, the fear of not being able to accomplish this life goal scares me and when you were honest about the struggle in your post, it brought it to reality. Hearing this GOOD news is a huge relief and reassurance that things are meant to be and you and Chad were meant to be amazing parents to a lucky kid! Congratulations again!

  2. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I love that little baby B so much already :) Love you my pregnant friend!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you & your hubby! Can't wait to see all the baby posts coming! So exciting!

  4. y'all are SO sweet. i need to get to charlotte soon so i can see all my c-town blogger girls! xoxo