Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm not the only one with news to share...

Since my news last week wasn't exciting enough for all you - I have another surprise for you. This one about another one of my favorite friends... and fellow bloggers... Amy at Little Fish.Big Pond. Amy and I have been close girlfriends since college. I used to tell her, long before I ever started dating Chad, that when I got married, she would have to sing at my wedding. Luckily, years later at my wedding, sure enough Amy was there to sing "In Christ Alone" - one of my favorite hymns. It was so special to have her there with me that day, and I'll always remember standing up there on the altar, holding Chad's hands, and looking at my sweet Amy Shell singing just like she promised all those years ago.

During my struggles with infertility, I leaned on Amy a lot. I'd give her an update every few weeks on what was going on with me, and she was so constant with her support and prayers. It meant so much to me that even though we live 2 hours away now and don't get to see each other often, I had another sister to lean on during this hard time. I told Amy on a Wednesday afternoon (when I was about 6 and a half weeks pregnant) that I was pregnant! She was so excited she said she burst out crying at her desk. It was so exciting to celebrate with her. She told me that her and her new husband Ray (who got married last May), were planning on starting their own family in the spring.

Then the very next morning, Amy gets on gchat and asks me about my early pregnancy symptoms. I describe them to her, but tell her that it's so easy for people to convince themselves they are pregnant when they are not. Only because I got the positive pregnancy test at the end, was I sure my symptoms that round were real. She tells me that she's a few days late... and is having a few mild symptoms (I laugh because I remember her saying that she was craving greek yogurt and potatoes with hot sauce.) I told her since she's a few days late, a home pregnancy test would be very reliable at that point and she might as well go ahead and take one so she can be sure either way.

I wait about 30 minutes, and Amy gets back on gchat with just a "Carrie....." - and at that minute I knew. Sure enough, it was positive!!!! And the best part of all, because I had a shorter cycle and she had a longer one, our due dates are one-and-a-half weeks apart! It was my turn to burst out crying at my desk! How amazing that I get to journey through pregnancy with one of my closest girlfriends within a week of each other. God absolutely makes me giggle sometimes with these blessings he gives to me.

So now that Amy has officially announced her pregnancy to her LFBP followers, I'm happy to announce it to mine! Congrats to my sweet Amy, her husband Ray and their little peanut as well. And if you don't get sick about reading all about my pregnancy stuff, please follow Amy's journey as well.

Ain't life something else?

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