Monday, February 7, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week: 4 & 5

Like I promised, I did a good job about writing posts ahead of time so that when it came time to officially announce the pregnancy I: 1) would have have lots of posts pre-written and 2) I wouldn't have to look back and remember what I was thinking/feeling weeks back.

During weeks where my symptoms didn't change much, I combined posts. So here's my first week-by-week:

Weeks 4-5
Baby size: Week four - poppy seed; Week five - apple seed
How I feel about being pregnant: It still hasn't sunk in. I have a hard time believing I actually have a baby growing inside me. But beyond excited.
Symptoms: Lots of cramps and twinges (painful at time) that come and go quickly. Usually about 30 minutes of nausea in the late afternoons, that goes away after I eat something or lay down for a bit. Oh yeah, and sleeeeeepy. I can take 3 hour naps and still want to be in bed by 8 p.m. Luckily, my weeks 4-5 coincided with holiday vacations (Christmas and New Years), so I was able to indulge in many-a-nap!
Food cravings: Nothing. But I'm either not hungry at all or ravenous.
What I'm most excited about: Seeing the baby's heartbeat for the first time.
Something sweet your daddy did for me: Making sure I'm getting plenty of rest - encouraging lots of naps and early bedtime.
Boy or girl?: I'm convinced already it's a little boy in there.
Something I've done to prepare for baby: Been on top of taking my prenatal vitamins and progesterone (didn't miss a day!) I also read the entire "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy" in like three days.
Funny moment: I asked Chad if he has ever changed a diaper before and he remarked that of course he hasn't. And I asked if he knew how, and he said: "Easy. Hold it's legs up like a turkey and wipe." That mental image will stay with me forever... and got quite a few belly laughs since.
Special moment: Picturing having a little 4-month old with us next Christmas!

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