Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pregnancy Week by Week: 6 & 7

Preface:You will learn in this post that our pregnancy started out as a twin pregnancy. We learned a week after our initial ultrasound that our twin #2 likely wasn't going to make it. We were of course upset, but we know that it is for the best... and that the little one would have obviously had a hard time making it to full-term. I didn't want to delete the parts I wrote about the twins after the fact because I didn't want to forget that excitement we had over both little lives in the beginning. I have a longer post that I'll put up later today about the twins, and what I learned from that experience.

Weeks 6-7Baby size: Week six - sweet pea; Week seven - blueberry
How I feel about being pregnant: More excited every day! It definitely seems more real to me now that a baby is on its way... and nausea to remind me daily.
Symptoms: Cramps have gone but in its place, nausea that hit like a ton of bricks the moment week six started. Some days I was sick the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed. Not.fun.at.all. I can't open the refrigerator without gagging. Also still pretty sleepy, but not as bad as weeks 4-5. Another weird symptom: nose bleeds... which I learned are quite common in early pregnancy.
Food cravings: I rarely feel like eating anything, but when I do, mild-flavored carbs sound good to me. Baked potatoes, french fries, plain pasta, crackers, etc.
What I'm most excited about: The idea of having twins!!!!! Super exciting and scary at the same time. I think having two babies that will be instant and lifelong best friends is amazing. I was super close with one of my brothers growing up (people would think we were twins), and even though we didn't share a womb, we definitely have that "twin connection." It's exciting to think my kids will have that with one another.
Something sweet your daddy did for me: Ummm everything?! I've been absolutely worthless these couple of weeks. Unless I was at work, I was laying down - whether in our bed or on the couch. Chad has done all the cooking (when I can eat), cleaning and keeping of the house in general. He lays with me at night and lets me watch trashy TV shows just because it makes me feel better. Since I feel so sick, finding something I'm willing to eat has been a challenge... but Chad would literally drive across state lines if it meant getting me something I could stomach. He also comes in from work every day (to find me in bed usually), and will kiss my face and then kiss my belly. Your daddy loves you so much already.
Boy or girl? Well since I'm positive that one is a boy... now it's just a matter of guessing the other. I have an inkling that we have a little boy and little girl in there!
Something I've done to prepare for baby: Drank tons of water - even when the idea of putting one drop of anything in my stomach would make me even more sick.
Funny moment: The look on Chad's face when the doctor showed us the two gestational sacs. But even funnier might be the look on Chad's face when I showed him what the baby looks like at 6 weeks --- even our gorgeous babies aren't the prettiest at this age.
Special moment: Calling our family and friends and telling them about the twins! Especially my Gma, who the moment I told her I was pregnant made the declarative statement that "I know it's twins." She even said that when her girlfriend told her the week before that her granddaughter was pregnant with twins, she was tempted to say "I'm about to tell you the same thing!" Mind you, this was the week BEFORE we even knew we were pregnant in the first place! I also love that Chad said when he called to tell his mom, she screamed in the phone for like 5 minutes! And she's a soft spoken woman.

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