Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The written word...

The "Today" show today (my favorite), had a really sweet segment on old fashioned love letters, and featured one of America's most prominent families... the Bush family.

In this clip (around the 4 minute mark), former president H.W. Bush got emotional reading a letter he wrote to Barbara on their 49th wedding anniversary. SO sweet.

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I love watching old people who are still in love. I think it is the sweetest thing.

The romantic in me is so sad that our kids one day will probably forgo old fashioned letter writing to the e-mail, Facebook post, text message (or whatever crazy equivalent will exist years from now.) It just isn't the same.

Even though this blog has been a great way for me to chronicle neat moments in our married life, I never want it to be a replacement for a hard copy.

For our first wedding anniversary, I bought a gorgeous leather-bound journal in which I chronicle different times in our lives. I write in it at every anniversary, and also other exciting occasions - when we moved into our new house, when we were struggling to have a baby, the day we found out we were having the baby, etc. I'll also randomly write in it whenever I'm having a particularly tender moment toward Chad.

One day, years from now, I'll give the first volume to Chad to read through whenever the mood strikes him. And I hope one day we'll pass it to our children and grandchildren. It will be the history of our own love story... and one I love adding to year after year!

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