Monday, February 21, 2011

I think I jinxed myself...

(Forewarning: I will mention vomit in this post. All you with emetophobia (i.e. Molly), can stop reading now.)

I finally thought I was out of the woods in terms of getting sick. After about 7 weeks of at least once-a-week vomiting, I figured last Friday was the last of it. After all, I'm 13 weeks now! I should be turning the corner.

This weekend I felt good! I kept asking Chad if I looked like I was back to my old self.

I ran errands.

I didn't take naps.

I was out and about.

And I actually COOKED something... and took pictures... and planned to share it with you on my bloggy blog today. But unfortunately, I wasn't even able to a eat any of it.

Because yesterday evening happened. And baby decided for me that (s)he wanted me to have an empty stomach. And, well, that was that. What baby wants, baby gets.

So after a fun time at one special little girl's 1st birthday party, I get home. I'm sitting upstairs talking to Chad and all of a sudden (and out of nowhere) - WHAM... vomit time! I go downstairs to take a nap hopefully to quell what's left of the nausea. I wake up, ask Chad to pour me some iced tea (since I know I need to stay hydrated). I drink some. I feel fine. I start to ask Chad "what I should make myself to eat..." - and no sooner did the word "eat" come out of my mouth, when again WHAM... let's puke out whatever bit of liquid is in my stomach. Because, you know, baby hates food AND liquid apparently.

So yeah... that was real fun. Yesterday: Baby - 1, Caroline - 0.

Here's to hoping today goes better...

... and to this pretty diaper bag.

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