Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heyyyyyuevos Rancheros

Tuesday nights are always tricky for me. Chad and I have about 30 minutes to get home, change, make + eat dinner and then head out the door to small group. This time crunch usually lends itself to quick meals. A bowl of cereal for me, a hot dog for Chad, whatever.

But I have a super-easy, yummy, low fat, filling meal that I'll be making for dinner tonight.

Say hello to my Heeeyyyyyyuevos Rancheros! All you need is:

Sharp Cheddar
Black Beans

Salsa Verde
Flour tortilla
Sour cream - optional
Avocado - optional (personally I look for meals in which I can incorporate avocado... it is a gift from God)

Here's what I do - but by all means, go crazy and play around with it.

1. Take a can of black beans and drain most of the liquid out. But leave a little and don't rinse them. I personally like my beans to be a bit soupy. Put them in a saucepan with lots of fresh cilantro and a healthy squeeze of lime. Add cumin, salt and pepper to taste. Let
them warm up and get all delish. I often try to smash mine a bit with the back of a spoon to make it a little more soupy. But hey - I'm a professional.

2. While be
ans are cooking, scramble yourself up a couple eggs. Want to reduce some calories? Use 1 yolk per 2 egg whites. Or make it entirely of egg whites. I personally like a bit of yolk though. Eggs are supposed to be yellow. I do NOT like dry scrambled eggs, so I pull mine off the heat right once they start really sticking together. If you for some odd reason have never scrambled eggs before (do people like this exist?!), just beat your eggs with a little milk/half+half/cream/sour cream (whatever you got), cheese (whatever cheese tickles your fancy - chedda', feta, whateva) and salt and pepper. Chad usually likes to help cook 'breakfast for dinner' meals so he usually makes my eggs for me. You can also use a fried egg for this recipe - like I said, you can't go wrong!

3. While your eggs and beans are going, throw a couple flour tortillas in the microwave for a few seconds to warm th
em up. There are tons of different types of tortillas in the grocery store now - sun-dried tomato, spinach, etc. Pick out one that sounds appealing to you.

4. Asse
mble it baby! Take your warm tortilla and make your own personal egg taco! Add a bit of eggs, some yummy black beans, and whatever topping your little heart desires. I highly recommend you buy this:

Pace Salsa Verde. I'm not normally a fan of pre-made salsa (its so easy to make yourself), but this little gem is delish - especially on my Heyyyuevos Rancheros. You can also add some extra cheese, sour cream, cilantro, tomato and sliced avocado. Or make your own gaucamole! If you've never made gauc before - you have issues like the people that have never scrambled an egg. Just cut up some avocado, a little red onion, a little fresh tomato, lots of fresh cilantro, salt, paper, lots of fresh lime juice and a dash of hot sauce. Voila!

So this is a great recipe because you can make it lo-cal for yourself while your hubby (who can eat like 4 slices of your mom's pumpkin bourban cheesecake in 2 days without gaining a pound when you can't even eat one without having extereme feelings of guilt...not that I'm bitter or anything) can load his up with whatever suits him. I'll enjoy my beans, eggs, tortilla and salsa and let him go nuts on the cheese and sour cream.

So there. Go forth and make huevos rancheros. May the egg gods be with you.

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