Friday, September 11, 2009

You're so... romantical

I sometimes get paranoid that I blog about Chad too much and that y'all will stop reading. But then I thought it through and:

1) My posts about Chad/marriage are always my 'top read' posts.
2) Although Chad always sighs loudly when he sees I write posts about him, he secretly is pleased and smiles when reading them.
3) I spend more time with him than any other human being - so TOO BAD. He's involved in most of my stories. We're a packaged pair.

So anyways. I wanted to share that I got TWO compliments from Chad this week. One being: "You have really hot legs." And hot as in good lookin' - not hot as in I just finished working out with a bright red face and a body that is radiating steam...score!

The second one took a bit more prodding. I was wearing one of my new cute outfits yesterday. Even a couple people I work with told me I looked good. So I walk in the door - expecting Chad to fawn all over me. Unfortunately - the first NFL game was starting that night so he was focused on submitting fantasy football line-ups. He does come and give me a kiss. I've told you all that I don't wait for compliments - especially from men. If I want one, I'll ask. So I asked Chad, "Do you like my outfit?"

Then he finally gives me the reaction I wanted: "Yes! You look beautiful. I thought that the minute you walked in. You look really skinny."

Score! Beautiful + Skinny. We women don't hope for much more.

And calm down... I'm not getting all full of myself over here. Let's face it - I forced him into a compliment. What else could he say? But he gave me enough descriptives to satisfy my ego.

In all honesty, I love my man exactly how he is. But Chad is no Rico Sauve. This is the guy that thinks bringing me home a plastic pot of mums (this has been done before... a couple times) is akin to a bouquet of two dozen roses. I'm pretty sure there won't be a day when I come home from work to find dinner on the table, candles lit, soft music playing, and a bubble bath and champagne waiting for me. When we were dating, he didn't keep track of "dating anniversaries." It's just not who he is. I know if he thought doing those things were important to me - he'd find a way to do it.

Honestly? It is fine with me.
I like potted plant Chad. Because while he might not be all romancin' me at home - I also know he's not out romancin' another woman. I think flirting+compliments+romance take effort for Chad... and if the man is going to exert the effort, I'm pretty sure it will be on me.

So the question is, do I not think Chad is romantic? No! I think he is very romantic... just not in your typical way. I think it's romantic that he goes and fills up my tank on Sundays so I don't need to worry about it that week. I think it's romantic that when I felt like death last Friday, he ran out to buy me Chicken soup, made me about four cups of hot mint tea, and laid in bed watching movies on Bravo with me so I wouldn't be lonely. I think it's romantic that even though I know Friday is his day to play golf, he'll ask me every week if it is okay with me.

It's all about the little things. So single ladies - when you're looking for a man, don't get hung up over whether he buys you flowers, remembers that you've been dating for 4 months and 3 days or tells you he thinks of you every time he hears a sappy love song.

You can find romance in anything.

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