Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My husband the fashionista

I went to the mall three days in a row this weekend. Ugly - I know. I do love clothes and shopping... but I pride myself on being very decisive. I know what I like, and often have an idea of exactly what I'm looking for... which is a blessing for Chad (and the only reason he doesn't mind going shopping with me). Chad, you're welcome.

Chad is certainly not one that stays up with men's fashion - the man wears a pair of khakis (of various colors) and a polo or button-down shirt (of various colors) every day of his life. Oh, to be a man...

However, he surprises me sometimes with his knowledge of trends in female fashion. For instance, last Christmas he bought me a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. I have never mentioned the designer to him before - and certainly never picked out a pair. He let me know that it was the new "it" sunglasses (surely a line he received from an all-too-helpful saleswoman at the Nordstrom

Well as we were meandering through Nordy's (oh how I heart you) this weekend, we stopped by the shoes department. Chad asked, "Hey - how about you try on a pair of those chocolate coin shoes." I hope some of you are smiling because you know exactly what he's talking abo

Me: "What shoes?!"

Chad: "You know - the ones that look like they have a chocolate coin on the top."

Me: "Tory Burch?!!?"

Chad: "Yeah!"

Well shucks honey, if you insist, I think I WILL try on a pair of Tory Burch flats. Please and thank you.

So he might not know the names, but he knows the look... kinda. Now that's a good man.


  1. Love them! Question is did he buy them for you?

  2. Not yet... I give it til Christmas. Chad l-o-v-e-s giving gifts. Lucky for me I guess... it's definitely his love language.