Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A reflection on 26 great years

Another year older, another year wiser? Happier? More complete? More wrinkled? What?

I've given some thought to things I've done and learned over the past 26 years. Here are
26 - original, I know - of them:

26. Celebrated great successes.

25. Learned from big failures.

24. Learned to share - first, the crayons; later, the credit.

Laughed about how the people most vocal about "hating drama" frequently bring it upon themselves.

22. Realized the greatest pride is not something you feel for yourself - but a feeling you have toward others.

21. Had more fun on rainy days with nothing to do than on expensive vacations packed with activities.

20. Learned humility and grace - and sometimes, learned it the hard way.

19. Worked at something really hard, and failed. But damn if I wasn't prou
d of myself for trying.

18. Made several friends I have a great time with, and a select few I can pour my heart out to.

17. Learned to be thankful for both.

16. Realized that if you're not looking, you might miss out on a blessing.

15. Learned that honesty really IS really the best policy.

Laughed so hard I cried.

13. Cried so hard I had to laugh.

12. Accepted that the people you love most will still sometimes let you down. And maybe that is not a coincidence.

11. Decided that even if being kind and believing in the goodness of people means getting taken advantage of every now and then, I'd still rather be kind and believe in the goodness of people.

10. Learned that when you hold a grudge against someone, it really only hurts you.

9. Realized you can learn a lot about a person by how they treat their mama,
waiter, worst enemy and a person they pass on the street.

8. Fell in "love."

7. Fell out of "love."

6. Learned what love really is.

5. Said, "I do," and meant it.

4. Realized the importance of family.

3. Let go of control. Let go of control. Let go of control. Okay, still learning how to let go of control.

2. Discovered that the life I pictured for myself and the life God gave me are so very different. And am so glad God did it His way.

1. Learned to love myself for who I am.

Life is beautiful. Glad I get to do it another year.

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