Friday, September 18, 2009

I have the need to come clean...

As a semi-food snob, there are two items that I absolutely adore... and am kinda embarrassed to admit to it.

They are silly things, really.

I'm sure tons of people eat them, and enjoy them. But they don't love them with the same intensity as I do.

For this, I am ashamed.

Item #1:
The good ole' grocery store sheet cake. My favorites -the ones from BJ's or Harris Teeter. Yellow cake with white icing. Lots of flowers. And give me the corner piece with the extra icing. On this little treasure, I'd select the top left corner piece.

I've heard that having one "cake" person and one "icing" person in a r
elationship will make for lasting marriage. Unfortunately, both Chad and I like icing pieces. He usually gives in and gives me the bite with the most icing. Success! So maybe an "icing" person and a "willing to share their icing" person will make a lasting marriage.

Item #2:

Oh popcorn tin, oh popcorn lovely are thy kernels! Because for me Christmas is synonymous with popcorn tins, therefore it makes sense to turn it into a carol. Working in the corporate world, popcorn tins were a Christmastime staple. Everyone and their brother gave popcorn tins at work. Some people decided they were "too cool" for popcorn tins (elitists!!!) and instead would send baskets with teas, chocolate, nuts and other treats. Keep your dang World Market Basket. Give homegirl some popcorn!

I like to start with the cheddar. Because cheddar makes everything better. Then I'd go carmel. I'd take a few bites of butter and then leave the rest for the poor shmuck who came to the tin late when the cheddar and carmel corn were already gone. Suckaaaaaas!

So if you ever decide you love me and want to express your sentiments to me via a popcorn tin, please select a 2-cheddar + 1-carmel tin. Or just all cheddar. And if you want to buy me a sheet cake -request extra icing.


Okay - there you have it. I like sheet cakes and popcorn tins. I feel better to have that out in the open. There are no lies on this blog.

Enjoy your weekend folks! Me and the husband are about to go make an offer on our dream house. Send up some prayers, rub Buddha's stomach, cross your fingers or do whatever you think will bring us some luck!

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