Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Avocado soup review

So last night I whipped up some homemade avocado soup. My only change? I added a bunch of fresh lime juice and lime zest in with the soup. Avocado+cilantro+lime are one of the holy trinities of cooking. You can't have just two of these ingredients and not the third. It's sacrilegious.

Oh, the soup? It was pretty. And tasty. And pretty tasty.

I love eating bright green things. (Also: say hi to my pretty roses in the background - straight out of our yard! Our hot pink knockouts are doing fabulously!)

Even Chad really liked it - which I was concerned about because passing off a meatless soup as dinner is no easy feat. I added a little cheddar (fresh grated - not that awful store-bought shredded) on top though, which tends to pacify him.

One thing of note: as delicious as the flavors of this soup were, I couldn't help but think this soup would be better served chilled. Avocado and cilantro are such bright and fresh flavors, eating them warm seemed a bit odd to me.

So to test it, I made a little bowl to bring to work today to eat right out of the refrigerator. Anyone who works with avocado knows that it turns brown very easily - so I was worried about how it would keep overnight. However, it appears the abundance of lime juice kept it from over-ripening. I definitely don't think it would have kept longer than a day though.

But I decided I prefer this as a cold soup! A little bowl of this, along with some of my doctored up black beans, made quite a delicious, healthy and filling lunch!

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