Friday, April 16, 2010

A night in the life...

So Chad and I frequently have heated arguments over pointless trivia.

Last night - Frozen pizza was the heart of our battle. We were fighting over what the biggest (not necessarily best) brands of frozen pizza were. The most well known. I said, Digorno and Tombstone. Chad said, Digorno and Red Baron. I argued that yes, while Red Baron is far superior than Tombstone, it is not as well known. Tombstone has been around making nasty pizzas forever. We were obviously not going to come to a concensus on our own.

We decided that we'd ask 10 people at work the next day their thoughts. But then we had an ever better idea.

We'd text 10 (actually 11 - in the event someone didn't respond... which turned out to be the case - eh hem STEPHEN) friends to gauge their response. As is usual with Chad and I, we debated on which 10 friends we would ask (according to Chad, they had to be a random assortment) and the wording of the actual text message.

So the message that went out was this:

Me and Chad are having a debate. What are the first two frozen pizza brands that come to your mind. Don't think, just respond. This text is going to 10 of you. (I lied - it went to 11.)

The results came pouring in - of course "my" friends were the first 5 to respond. "Chad's friends" were the late responders. BTW - We have all the same friends but I classify them as mine (friends that were originally mine, or stemmed from my friends) and Chad's (friends that were originally Chad's or stemmed from Chad's) - only when its convenient for me, of course.

Here's some highlights:

My sis-in-law, Mol, the first to respond - like a champion. "Digorno and Freschetta."
Chad quickly retorted: "She would say Freschetta. She went to Meredith (private girls college for you non-NC readers)."

My good friend Sarah: "Digorno and Tony's." And then a follow-up text of "And that was the best text I got all day. I can see you two have this debate." (she obviously knows us well)

David "The Fabulous Mr." Fox: "Digorno and Red Baron." Dang. First vote for Chad's Red Baron. Oh - why do I claim Foxy as "my" friend when he's closer friends to Chad? He's next door neighbors with my parents. Point in my column.

My bff Han: "Digorno and Tombstone." i.e.: What I said. We're soul sistas.

My bro Kev: "California Pizza Kitchen and Digorno."
To which I quickly retorted: "Kev doesn't count. He was probably drunk when he sent that." (Which is what we say to almost every text message from Kevin. Poor Kev. Being a frat guy gets you a bad rep.)

My brother Mikey: "Digorno and Tombstone. Chad said Red Baron didn't he?" (+2 for Mike for agreeing with me, AND anticipating Chad's answer. Bravo MB.)

My bff Kel: "It's not delivery, it's Digorno! And California Pizza Kitchen." Nice work from Kel for adding in the slogan. And she added some cred to Kev's CPK vote.

(lapse of text messages waiting for "Chad's" friends. Weak sauce. Next time, I expect quicker responses.)

Jamie: "Digorno and Totinos." Whaaaat? Who eats Totinos. Get outta here.

David: "Digorno and Red Baron." Damn Chad's friends eating his same types of pizza.

Now friends, notice that we had all nine responders (and then Chad and I) say Digorno as one of our two guesses. They obviously do a fabulous marketing job because their pizza still sucks - yet we all thought of them. Since it was now bedtime, and we hadn't heard from two straggler responders, I send out the recap text (requested by most of my subjects):

The results are in. Digorno:9. Tombstone: 2. CPK: 2. Red Baron: 2. Freschetta 1. Tony's: 1. Totinos: 1. Thanks for participating.

So I went to bed with some pride knowing that Chad and my answer tied. Even though I really thought there'd be more Tombstone votes. Unforunately, I woke up to a late tie-breaker text message from Zak.

Zak: "Totinos and Red Baron. Totinos is most often eaten by pedophiles."

Which made me laugh so hard I almost cried at 6:30 this morning. So even though Chad has now officially won with Zak's late Red Baron vote, we all are really the winners because none of us eat Totinos in the company of pedophiles.

Don't you wish you were friends with us? You could have this kind of excitment in your life. Chad and I decided this may or may not be a weekly thing for us. Random debate to be decided by text message death battle. Let me know if you want in.


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  2. Wow, you are so lucky to have so many choices with Pizza over there. We have the worst frozen pizza here in Australia.

    I am off to have a look at some of your older posts now-great blog!

    Best wishes,