Monday, August 17, 2009

Mike Vick

I've been chomping at the bit to write a blog post about the Michael Vick situation... however Chad convinced me not to do it on vacation and to wait until I was back home. It has been so interesting to see everyone's thoughts on Vick's return to the NFL. The vast majority of comments I've seen from people are that they are up in arms about how the NFL would let him return after his jail sentence.

So here is my $0.04.

I'll start b
y stating:
1) I am a dog person... had dogs growing up, want one now, think they're the most wonderful animal in the world.

2) I think people that treat dogs like they are humans need to get a grip. Yes dogs are to be loved - no your dog is not your child/best friend/spouse/etc. Which leads me to...
3) Humans > Dogs

Michael Vick did a horrible, awful, no-good thing. Dogs are defenseless creatures, and there is no excuse for abusing one. Ever. I completely agree his behavior was deplorable.

That said, I do not understand all these people who are FURIOUS the NFL would allow Vick to return after completing his sentence. If you want to argue that the NFL needs to clean up its image in general - I would not argue with that. I actually agree with it. Let the commissioner make a ruling that ANY player who has been charged with any sort of violent crime or felony will be kicked out of the NFL and not be allowed to return.

But as it stands now, there are (I would venture to guess) hundreds of NFL players who have assaulted PEOPLE, attacked their WIVES, beat their GIRLFRIENDS, abused their children, among other serious crimes. And they have all been allowed to return. And it seems most people don't care much about that. Right now, Donte Stallworth might be allowed to return after he KILLED a person while driving drunk.

If we want to clean up the NFL - let's start with those players who have caused serious injury or death to humans. Then we can move on from there.

(PS: Since I know many of you probably disagree with me on this point, can you at least give me props for having the guts to write on such controversial topics?!) ;)

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