Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flower child

It is amazing to me the things that get men really fired up.

Yesterday I blogged about our dinner with David and Jamie. That same night, our friend Stephen was also in attendance. After dinner, we were bad and went to Goodberry's for DELICIOUS frozen custard. I got a mini vanilla custard with malt powder and marshmellow. It was heavenly.

While enjoying our treat, Jamie noticed the sweetest little baby in line being held by her dad. She had this
precious little flower headband on. I would have grabbed her and ran if it wasn't a felony. Why did my parents have to raise me with morals?!

So Jamie and I started cooing about how precious it was. The boys all a sudden got VERY vocal about their extreme dislike over large flowers on the heads of children.

Comments were along these lines...
"That is so freaking stupid. Who does that?!"

"It's a BABY. Not a flower."
"If I was the dad, I would have yanked it off her head before taking her out in public."
"It's like that Anne Geddes woman that takes picture of kids sitting in flo
wer pots. Or dressed like vegetables!"
"I will NEVER let my baby wear that." (I do recall this little pearl coming from my husband. To which I responded: When you birth one, then I'll let you decide if she can wear a flower headband or not.)

And the conversation didn't stop there. The WHOLE ride home Chad and Stephen continued to talk about how stupid it was.

Back at the house, Jamie pulled up our favorite Etsy site to show me the two PRECIOUS flower headbands she bought for AB from My Bella Bows.

This one...

ooooh and this one.

The boys viewed the pictures just shaking their heads. I, however, am so excited to see her wear them I can barely stand it. So is the flower bow a battle of the sexes? If so, I betcha Mommy is going to win.

PS: AB + flower headband pics will be posted as soon as possible.

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