Friday, August 28, 2009

A great compliment

Last night we had dinner at Maggiano's with 16 friends. And we ate. And ate. And ate. I am still full this morning. I don't think I'll eat the rest of the weekend. And I'm going to need to bust it on the ellipitcal this weekend to make up for it.

But hey, if you can't enjoy great food with great friends every so often, what's the point?

Well sometime during dinner, my favorite bronze Jack Rogers sandals met their unfortunate demise. The leather that goes between the big toe to seal the strap to the bottom of the shoe broke. I had them for more than 2 years... I suppose it was time to say goodbye.

Our friend Emily told me to go to a shoe repair shop, as they could probably replace it for like $7. I told her it wasn't a big deal, it is probably time for a fresh pair anyway. However Chad told me if I at least attempted to get the shoes repaired (not to let a fine pair go to waste), he would still let me buy another pair.

I said, "SOLD."

So I'll be on a lookout for a shoe repair shop. But this morning, I did some stellar research and found out I could get a new pair of Jacks on for 15% off + free shipping. So I got my $96 pair of sandals for $81.20. And I got them in platinum - so I got a new color.

I was quite proud of this feat and blackberry messaged (BBMed for those in the know) Chad to let him know the great news. His response:

"I'm so proud. Honey you're such a great online shopper."

I'm proud of myself. I am NOT good for hu
nting for bargains out in stores, but online I'm phenomenal. A tip for you - NEVER buy something online without first googling the store name + promo code. (ex. J.Crew promo code) Most online sites frequently have active coupon or promo codes you can enter in at check out to get at LEAST some percentage off and often free shipping. I try to never buy online unless I can use a coupon code.

However, I'd rather be run over with a mack truck than try to hunt through a rack of unorganized clothes at Marshall's or TJMax for a good bargain. For me online = sale shopping. In stores = I'll take the easy way out.


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