Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodbye sweet summer

Even though I don't get a summer vacation anymore, I am very much aware of "summer" working at a university. When I started - wow, I guess almost exactly a year ago - I was told that summers tend to be slow for our office... since most of the research professors take the summers off, there isn't a lot of new research coming out that we need to write about.

However, with several interesting developments that happened earlier in the summer, we were definitely kept busy for a good portion of it. Things slowed down towards the end, but now with the first full week of students back on campus, we are bustling with work!

I'm writing about all sorts of cool research, handling some interesting media events, and scheduling tons of interviews. Personally, I work better when I'm pushed to the limit.
However, after a couple more weeks of this I'll be aching for lazy summer days to return!

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