Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday, ohhhhh Friday

I'm going to Tarantino this story for you - in that I'll start with the end and then walk you through it.

My husband apparently takes 20-some minute showers.

So this morning I get up about 5 minutes early - per usual since I treat myself to an Iced Dunkin Decaf on Fridays - but especially impressive since I was at the Coldplay concert last night and didn't get to bed until midnight. (*note: I am NOT a night owl)

I do my normal getting ready, trying to stay as quiet as possible as to not wake Chad up... since he has off Fridays during the summer. Jealous? Me too. Needless to say, he wakes up anyway and as I'm finishing up, he's hoping in the shower... time: let's say 7:22.

Here is where we run into problems. I have three purses that I use in regular rotation... two that I use most often for work. My tan Hobo - with coordinating brown Tom Ford sunglasses - and my black Kate Spade - with coordinating black Chanel glasses. Each purse also has its own lotion, gum, business cards, and other necessities. I only need to remember to transfer my wallet, phone and keys. Usually not a big deal.

Well this morning I forgot my keys. I leave the house, manually lock the bottom lock (since Chad is at the house). When I get to my car and hunt for my keys it dawns on me that I didn't change them from my other purse. Time check: 7:27. I run back to the house and begin ringing to doorbell.

And ringing.

And ringing.

And ringing.

And of course during this whole time I am stewing because 1) It is a Friday morning and I have to go to work, 2) I was up late last night and was doubly grouchy, and 3) I wanted my dang coffee.

FINALLY, at 7:41 Chad gets out of the shower and the seas part, birds dance, and his FREAKING EARS START WORKING. He hears my relentless ringing and comes to unlock the door. Of course I scream, "How freaking long are your showers?!?!?!?!" He certainly does not take that long when I'm home. I'm a woman for goodness sake - with shaving to do, face to exfoliate, and conditioner that I leave in for about 5 minutes- and it has NEVER takes me that long. Sheesh!

So needless to say, it has been an interesting start to my Friday. If this is any indication of the weekend, maybe I'll have some good posts coming!

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