Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Turkey switch

Now, my husband is a man's man meat eater. He could eat nothing but beef and pork every day and be fine with it. I've mentioned before that Chad fights me over trying to "get rid of all the good (=bad for you) food" at the house... so many things have been a slow progression. Subbing reduced fat sour cream (compromise for my fat free and his full fat), or 1% milk (instead of skim or 2%). A lot of these issues were met with "Ugh! This is going to be disgusting." I made him try it and promised if he absolutely hated it, we'd figure something out. Luckily, as well as I can remember, he's never had a complaint. You usually can't even taste a difference (especially if it's used in a recipe).

But I won't lie. Sometimes I've been a little sneaky. There have been times that I've subbed something he said he "doesn't like" and he never even knows the difference. I've learned that other women do this too.

Our small group at church is having a "social" next week - and we're going to do a taco bar. I emailed the group asking if instead of bringing ground beef, I could bring ground turkey. If you haven't tried turkey tacos, I suggest you do so immediately. Even Chad has admitted he now prefers ground turkey to ground beef (at least in tacos). However I felt I had to preface my email explaining that ground turkey is so delish, you won't know the difference, etc. (Knowing some of the men in our group are die-hard red meat eaters.)

Here is the response I got from a small group friend, Moriah:

Carrie!!! You are ruining my secret. I switched us off ground beef to ground turkey a while back. I use ground beef sometimes, but I’m not sure Chris (her husband) knows when I do and don’t!

I took the guys off the email so my secret can still be safe in my household!

There is just something satisfying in pulling the wool over our husbands' eyes. I'm glad it's not just me. :)


  1. Hello! I hope you had fun in Charleston. Just wanted to say I love this post. I don't think I've tried this approach on my husband - who is a picky eater and will rarely try new foods. I'll have to give it a shot though! :)


  2. Do it sister! I promise he won't notice the difference unless it is pointed out to him. Definitely try it with tacos first because the seasoning really overpowers the flavor of any meat.

    And yes, we had a fab time in Charleston. ;)