Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not-swine flu

So I just went and did the right thing by going and getting my not-swine flu shot.

Why do I call it not-swine flu, you say? Well after they told everyone to stop calling it swine flu and start calling it H1N1, I decided to just call it the not-swine flu.

Anyway, just got the shot.

Snickered at all those weak humans from the line when they closed their eyes and winced during the shot. Weak. I get the seasonal flu shot every year. NBD. (No Big Deal)

Well I don't know if my nurse was the devil, or if she has colored Christmas lights and read my blog, or what - but my arm is freaking KILLING ME.

Like I can barely move my arm to type right now. Was it the shot or the nurse? Did anyone else get the shot yet and have a similar experience.

I'm about to go lay on my office floor and whimper until some of my colleagues rush to give me the attention I deserve.

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