Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't hate me

I'm back. I know you didn't know what to do with yourself without new posts for 5 days!

So here is the lowdown on Chad's surgery. I couldn't live blog from the hospital room with funny things Chad said after surgery, because...

there was absolutely NOTHING funny about that surgery.

It was horrible, horrible, horrible. I broke down in tears quite a few times over the last few days. My poor little baby. He's been absolutely miserable. I think the surgery was a lot worse than either of us expected.

But he's doing "great" according to his doctors. The surgery went well and he's healing the way he should be. He's just still very swollen and in some pain. Hopefully he'll turn the corner in the next couple of days.

But thanks for the calls.

And texts.

And BlackBerry messages.

And Facebook posts and messages.

I've read each one out to Chad to let him know how many people love him and are thinking about him. Though he can't really talk - or even crack a smile - I know it means so much to him that people care about him and want him to get well soon.

And thanks
for the ridiculously delicious homemade pudding and potatoes (my mom ROCKS)!

I almost want to break my jaw just so I have an excuse to eat that pudding and potatoes all day every day.


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