Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's the little things

I sometimes feel guilty that Chad does so much around the house. He keeps up with car issues, pays the bills, does laundry, helps clean, etc. Sometimes I feel like my "list" isn't as long as his. But yesterday it kind of dawned on me that there are certain things that come up throughout the year that it's my job to do... or else it most likely wouldn't get job.

These things are work too!

For instance, in the madness of house stuff, doctor's visits and surgery, I about had a heart attack Monday night seeing that it was already December 7th!!! Less than 20 days to Christmas. Not only had I not gotten a single present (except one for Chad), but I hadn't even started to think about Christmas cards.

Christmas Cards = Major Chore.

Because it's more than selecting a silly card. It's sitting down and writing out my Christmas card list (since my one from last year I was planning on simply modifying has vanished). It's choosing a picture. It's figuring out shipping, getting Christmas-y stamps, addressing all 75+ cards, etc. With the time crunch, I made it easy on myself this year and ordered photocards. In the past, I would get actual cards and actually hand write notes to each person. So this year - generic card is just going to have to do!

My Christmas cards aren't even supposed to get here until December 20th. Bad news. That means I'll have like a day to get them all addressed and out in the mail so they're not late.

Another job that usually falls on the woman is gifts. Not just Christmas but birthdays, anniversarys, weddings, etc. Online shopping makes my life much easier on this account. I have my little spreadsheet with my list of Christmas gifts - the ones I've gotten and the ones I need to get.

And beyond the gift itself - gift WRAPPING is definitely a girl job.

Last year, Chad went upstairs to my "wrapping room" to wrap my Christmas gifts. I could hear him all the way downstairs heeing and hawing over it. You'd have thought someone was sticking needles in him with all the complaints.

Lucky for Chad, I'm a fabulous gift wrapper. I not only have a knack for wrapping, but also picking the most beautiful papers and ribbons (wire-only please) and gifttags. Only problem with this is I have about 20 rolls of wrapping paper under our bed right now at Chad's parents house and I'm afraid if he sticks his head down there he'll never let me buy another roll again. It's a complusion for me. I can't see pretty wrapping paper without buying it. We were at Swoozie's a few weeks ago and I had two rolls in my hand, but Chad give me the look so I put them back. Glad I did, because went I went home and checked I already had 3 very similar rolls that haven't even been touched yet. Oops.

Anyways, I heart wrapping. I actually thought about starting a small business during the holiday season where people (let's face it --- men) could drop their gifts off at my house, and for a small fee I'd wrap an equisite present fit for a king... or queen. I'd include the cost of all the wrapping and they could choose from basic (just paper), classic (paper and beautiful bow) and fancy (paper, bow, pretty adorned ornament, etc.).

Maybe I'll hassle Chad's single guy friends to see if I could entice them with such an offer. Probably not though, because most guys (until they are married) could care less about the power of beautiful wrapping. So maybe I should market this to a woman on-the-go. Wrapping she could pass as her own.

I'm going to keep thinking about this.

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