Monday, June 1, 2009

Chad's blog

Kelly called me the other night to chat, and Chad overheard her saying something about my new blog. He loudly said, "I'm going to start a blog." I think Kel got a little excited (because Chad is hilarious and I think he'd have a great blog) - but I know he is a semi-social media phobe. The only thing he has is Facebook, and the only reason he even looks at his account is because it comes right to his Blackberry.

So then Kel/I (still on phone) ask Chad what he'd name his blog. He got angry and said he couldn't think of something like that in just a couple seconds. This is the time I should have put the phone on speakerphone because I was trying to repeat what Chad and Kelly were saying to the other. But it works out I didn't because that was about the end of Chad's blog conversation until the following morning.

We were in the bath
room getting ready for the day (me to head to work and Chad to run errands on his Friday off - and by run errands I mean go golfing at Keith Hills with my dad), and he asked if I'd be blogging today. I told him I probably would, and asked if he would ever want to guest blog on my site. He seemed interested, so I asked what he would blog about.

His answer "Twitter."

Now Chad doesn't even HAVE twitter. I told him he can't blog about that.

His next answer "Nuclear power."

I told him that was boring and no one would want to read about nuclear power - unless he talks about it in the way I envision him at work: Wearing a white lab coat, playing with beakers of brightly colored liquids, trying to steer clear of the "big red button" that if you press the whole place will blow up. Unfortunately - he doesn't wear a lab coat, there are beakers - but no colored liquids, and there is no big red button (unless he's lying to me).

So I'll have to keep him thinking about his potential guest blogs. I hope he does it though - because he is a very, very good writer. You wouldn't guess it coming from a science guy - but take my word for it.

So stay tuned!

PS: For those waiting with bated breath - little Annabelle Elizabeth Arnold was born at 4:59 a.m. this morning. Mom, dad and baby are well - albeit a bit sleepy. We're heading over to the hospital after work to meet the little one. Will hopefully post pictures tomorrow!

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