Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Splenda Sweet Tea

I grew up drinking unsweet tea - that's how it was made at my house. I love unsweet tea - it's very refreshing. However, living in the south, I have learned to love sweet tea as well. My mother-in-law's sweet tea is the hands-down best.

Chad says he doesn't like unsweet tea - but I'm not convinced because he does drink it unsweet some times at my parent's house. But whatever. I usually don't make tea at all because we can't seem to compromise. I like to wisely save my calories. I'd rather eat a piece of chocolate than waste 'em on a sugary beverage. And I'm sure not going to make SOME sweet tea and SOME unsweet. That's just wasteful. We don't drink it that much.

Well I thought we'd compromise and I would start making sweet tea with splenda. Unfortunately - poor timing on my part - I told Chad this in the middle of the g-store. He was not happy with me. I believe, "What are you trying to do to me?!?!" were his words. He was already mad I made him put back the Oreos. I prefer not to keep tempting snacks around the house. If you're craving a cookie, and you have no cookies, then you won't end up eating a box of cookies.

I had already made the mistake of allowing Chad to go to the g-store for me the previous week. He went rouge on my grocery list. He came home with two big bags of honey-dijon kettle chips, one bag of Oreos, one bag of Milanos (for me, he said), and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms. Needless to say, I kept a close eye on the cart after that.

So splenda sweet tea. I got home and made a big pitcher of it. He tastes a little bit and grimaces - soooo dramatic. It really didn't even taste that different. I thought it was good! However he said it is awful and nothing like regular sweet tea.

So then, as I like to do, I decide to goad him a bit and tell him that I was going to call his mother and tell her how much he loved the sweet tea with splenda and she should start making it that way too! Chad's mom is very health-conscience - and sweet tea is probably the only thing she makes that is "bad for you." She doesn't even drink it - she just has it on-hand when Chad and I come over.

Now Chad is not a violent man, but I thought he might tackle me then and there.

A haiku moral of the story:
Chad says no splenda
Only sugar in sweet tea

Leave my treats alone

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