Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warning: Helloooooooo Soapbox

If you don't want to listen to me rant about poor parenting, stop reading now.

If you're okay with it: please proceed.

I saw this article yesterday afternoon about two different girls (one age 8 and one age 10) who were put on the wrong flights while traveling ALONE. To read the full article, click here. A mother of one child was quoted saying: "I have never seen so much incompetence in all my life."

That's funny- me neither!

WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND PUTS THEIR LITTLE GIRL ON A PLANE BY HERSELF. And yes people, I know there are airline personnel responsible for watching these children... but would you put your child in the hands of a complete stranger?! If you want to ensure your child's protection - WATCH THEM YOURSELF. And if something goes wrong - in which you could have done something different to prevent it from happening - don't blame the airline... blame yourself.

If little Susie wants to go visit Grandma in Grand Rapids - either make it a family trip, or suck up the time/expenses and fly/drive with Susie and then come back.

With all of the lunatics in this world - why would you put a child... ESPECIALLY a little girl... on a plane alone and hope for the best. It's a mean world out there - and I'm not saying we should put our children in a bubble - but as a parent, you are solely responsible for protecting your child to the extent it is feasibly possible.

The other mother in this story was quoted saying, the number of people who failed to do their jobs is "mindboggling."

I hope she included herself in that number.

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  1. C'mon Carrie - that would require these mom's actually stopping whatever they have going on in their life to accompany their child. We can't have that now can we? As long as they are out of their hair...