Monday, June 15, 2009

Cupid Shuffle

Wedding season continued this weekend with our second out of seven weddings between now and the end of the year. Now I love weddings - all sorts of weddings. Even weddings of people I don't even know (hence Southern Weddings being one of my favorite blogs.)

Well at a friend's wedding on Saturday, I encountered a first. A group dance that I had never - and I mean NEVER - heard of before.

They call it "The Cupid Shuffle."

This song started playing and folks of all ages - 5 to 55 - hit the dance floor moving in perfect synchronization. My first thought was, "Huh?!?!"

Never heard of this dance in my life. Never even heard the song. Knew not a thing about it. I know the line dances, I know the chicken dances - I can electric slide, cha cha slide and macarena with the best of 'em. But I was out of my element with the cupid shuffle.

And here was grandma and a snot-faced kid getting down with their bad selves.

I turned to Chad and hissed "Do you know anything about this?!?!"

Apparently so. He didn't know the moves (shocker) but had at least heard of the song and knew there was a dance involved. I felt so out of the loop I could have hid in shame.

Well I've made a vow. I'm getting Kelly to give me lessons. Or I'll watch videos on YouTube. But one thing's for certain... I will not be embarrassed on the dance floor again. The next wedding we attend, my Cupid Shuffle will put the rest of 'em to shame.

To the right, the right, the right, the right, the right
The left, the left, the left, the left, the left
Now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick
Now walk it by yourself, now walk it by yourself

Um, one last question: What does 'walk it by yourself' equate to in dance terminology?

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