Thursday, June 18, 2009

99 Balloons - Eliot's story

So my mom just sent me a video that I guess ran on Oprah the other day. I wept like a baby - be forewarned. You can watch it here.

The description of
the video:
Eliot was born wit
h an undeveloped lung, a heart with a hole in it and DNA that placed faulty information into each and every cell of his body. However, that could not stop the living God from proclaiming Himself through this boy who never uttered a word. In the midst of heartbreaking tragedy, the Mooney family found the presence of God strengthening, comforting, and guiding them. Their story reminds us to seek God and endure our struggles rather than blame Him for our hardships.

In the video, the dad of this sweet baby boy Eliot reads the letters he wrote for his son every day of the 99 days of his life. The baby wasn't even expected to make it through birth. Still, knowing they would eventually lose their firstborn, these young parents loved him, cared for him and celebrated his life every single day until God called him home.

I often see things like the "99 Balloons" story and tell myself that "I could never do that if I were in their shoes." We always have to remember that God gives us grace in perfect portion to what we need at that time. You don't have to look any further than the Mooney's for proof.

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