Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Ode to Hannah

One of my very best friends Hannah has a birthday tomorrow. Since I won't be able to see her on her special day (heading to Annapolis, MD tomorrow for a wedding shower), I thought I'd do a "Top Ten Things I Love About Hannah."

So let's get it started:

10) We share a love of cooking, and muse about being domestic women who stay at home and cook and bake all day. We often ask each other what we're eating for dinner for the week to get ideas for our own meals. She has shared with me her family chicken pastry recipe, and I've shared with her the recipe for the family pasta sauce. We also test out recipes and let the other know what is a keeper and what is not worth trying. Very helpful.

9) This is more-or-less about Hannah, but I love that my husband loves her husband - and vise versa. When you're married, and a lot of your friends are single, it is good to have a couple to double date with. Han and I can go into our own world, and know that our husbands can chat it up for hours.

8) We can gchat randomly throughout the day - no need to make explainations if you're running to a meeting, or just have nothing to say for a couple hours. We just type when we have something to share.

7) She has curly hair. And good curly hair. And I still laugh remembering her tell the story of a girl from her college that asked if she gets up and curls her hair every morning. Who does that?! But in all honestly, if Hannah had straight hair I don't know if I'd like her as much (kinda like Chad's dimples). She came over for dinner one night and her hair was stick straight - without giving me fair warning. I almost cried.

6) I can ask her advice/whine/share good news with her - and she's responds accordingly. I'm frustrated with someone - she's furious for me. I'm super excited about something good - she's genuinely happy for me.

5) She understands the difference between ziti, penne, fusilli, farfalle, etc. If I tell her I'm using campagnelle for my meal that evening - I don't have to explain what that is, and why you'd use that particular pasta.

4) That we had this conversation:
Me: "Hey, I found a website that actually tracks your fertility."
Han: "Wow, you're looking up fertility websites, and I'm checking out"

3) I pray for Hannah. Hannah prays for me. (And I remind Hannah what she needs prayer for.)

2) She Blackberry messages me with random things that confuse my husband. For example, the other night: (I'm pounding away on my BB and Chad asks who I'm talking to --- not that he doesn't already know the answer.) I tell him Hannah, and he asks what about. I told him she BBMed me to let me know that Locopops is selling strawberry balsamic again. Because only in our world would it be perfectly acceptable to let me know that at 9:00 on a Tuesday night.

1) We have different personalities, different ways of looking at things, but lots of respect for each other. She's an amazing friend with a great heart - and I love her so, so much.

Happy Birthday Curly!

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