Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another year....stronger

So today is my birthday - 27. I swear it feels like I just got out of college... it is amazing how time flies.

Last year, I wrote a post about all the things I learned during the great year that was 26 - you can read that here.

However this past year, there was only one really big thing I learned about myself:

I'm a strong woman.

A lot stronger than I ever knew/thought/imagined I could be. And not strong in the sense that I've built a wall up. I've gone through some trials this past year. But I'm proud that I've not let it get me down. I've learned that I have a strength that doesn't sharpen my edges - but rather softens them. Instead of letting life's trials make me bitter and angry, it's made me more sympathetic to others and more able to recognize my own blessings. During my hard times, I've relied on the love and strength of family and friends here on earth and the love and strength of a Mighty One in heaven.

I'm so blessed that I was given another 365 days to do this "life" thing. It is beautiful.