Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm beyond excited right now. Since I DVRed last night's Top Chef reunion special, I missed the huge announcement that Top Chef is doing a Top Chef All Stars which starts Dec. 1.
Not only are they having some of my favorite Top Chefs from season's past come back - like...

Jenn Carroll (this girl ROCKS)Carla Hall (ah-maz-ing)

Richard Blais

Spike Mendelsohn (okay, kinda a crush on Spike... if only Mike Voltaggio could be on this season too... double swoon)

Casey Thompson

...BUT, they're having my favorite - Anthony Bourdain - become the season's featured guest judge. I love A.B. and was so happy they had him do a one-episode guest host job this past season, and even Twittered (go back and look - Sept. 2) about how I thought he should be a permanent judge. I'm glad the powers that be at Bravo listened.

I think even Chad has a man-crush on Anthony. He's hilarious, blunt, funny, knows his food... and just all around amazing.

Since Top Chef Just Desserts is not really doing it for me... and this past Top Chef Season 7 wasn't the greatest either, I'm PSYCHED for Top Chef All Stars...

if you couldn't tell. ;)

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  1. Ah yay!!! I love Gail, but I can't even watch "Desserts" because the contestants are all so dramatic.

    Can't wait for "All Stars" with AB!