Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally made the switch

So after nearly four years as a loyal Blackberry user, I have finally moved over to the dark side.

No, not an iPhone - I refuse to have a cell phone provider other than Verizon... and was getting worried iPhone would never make it to VZW.

I finally got a Droid. Chad got the DroidX a little over a month ago. I quickly realized that every time I wanted to do something on the phone other than just email, I was borrowing his. The internet is a million times faster/better. The apps/widgets are noticeably better. And on and on. We started using his Droid as our GPS, and it works so great that we'll be getting rid of our Garmin. The camera on the phone is even better than our old camera.

The only thing I was hanging onto my BBerry for was my Blackberry Messenger. I was hopeful Droid would have something similar, and unfortunately they don't. So it will be back to plain ol' texting for me. But I absolutely love my new Droid Incredible.

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