Friday, August 20, 2010

Fantasy Football season is upon is.

You know how I know?

My dad has gone from calling me about once a week to twice a day. The number of phone calls from my dad always correlates with whether or not we're ramping up our fantasy league.

Our draft is next Sunday - we're doing a big Pancakes and Whiskey breakfast. And I'm hopeful my team is going to be awesome.

And Chad has already figured out what we'll do with our winnings:

Chad: "If YOU win, you're allowed to get window treatments for the downstairs. If I win, I'm buying a new receiver."

I'm not really even sure what a receiver does - except has something to do with the television. And I don't really care about a receiver but I super care about window treatments. Maybe that will be all the motivation I need.

My current frontrunner for drapes:

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