Monday, August 2, 2010

Another wedding weekend

It seems like for the past 3 years, all we've done on weekends is go to weddings.

But, finally, after this past weekend, we're done with weddings for the fo
reseeable future. Not that I don't love a wedding - I most certainly do. But they take a lot out of you. So we'll get to take a little wedding break for now.
This past weekend's wedding was of two of our close friends, Kyle and Emily. Chad and Kyle have been best buds since they were in first grade (I think.)

Here they are:

I got to be really close friends with Kyle (and Chad) in college - and have so
many fun memories with them. Besides that, I fell in love with Kyle's parents - and have stayed close with them since. Chad and I always say the Turners are like second parents... which is funny, because it's what every other person at the rehearsal dinner commented on. And as special as the wedding day was, I've got to say I enjoyed the rehearsal dinner most. It was just such a special night.

I've blogged before about how Chad went to a small Christian school... and has grown up and stayed best friends with those same guys. It has been so much fun to see them
find wonderful, beautiful, amazing women - and to be a part of their wedding days. It's like one big family that keeps expanding.

But at the rehearsal dinner, the guys would take turns standing
up to speak - sharing stories together, but also words of encouragement for their marriage - and the importance of keeping God at the center. It was just really sweet to hear. There was so much love in the room.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Go Pack!
With some girlfriends - love these ladies:

My sweet, handsome husband:

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