Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dinner in review

So last night's dinner was absolutely delicious. I even decided to get fancy and crisp up my corn tortillas, instead of just warming them in the microwave.

Even better, the meal lended itself to the perfect next-day lunch. I used the leftover marinated chicken and black beans, and put them on top of a fresh arugula salad with some cherry tomatoes. I also fried some corn tortilla strips for a crunchy topping. And since I've gotten into making my own salad dressings, I fixed a special dressing for my "southwestern salad." Making your own salad dre
ssings are easy - the two things required are oil and some type of acid (either a vinegar or a citrus juice.) Here was my concoction:

MPLT's Soutwestern Dressing
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Fresh squeezed lemon juice
- A few shakes of cholula (I figured why not - it has vinegar in there... so it helps with the acid)
- A tiny bit of dijon mustard
- A clove of garlic (not minced - just cut and sitting in there)
- Kosher salt
- Cracked pepper

Here was what I packed up for lunch today:

Sure beats a nasty Lean Cuisine!

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