Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Snippet of conversation Chad and I had last night before bed:

Things you need to know ahead of time-
1) I made homemade hot crab dip this weekend with our leftover crabbies.
2) Chad always forgets to bring his lunch.

Me: "Don't forget to bring that crab dip I packed for you to lunch tomorrow. And don't forget to pack some pita with it."
Chad: "Did you already cut them up into the little triangles?"
Me: "No, just bring a whole piece and you can tear it off yourself at work."
Chad: "Well then why did you yell at me when I tried to tear it for my parents?"
Me: "Because we were entertaining. Besides, there was a knife and cutting board for it out already."
Chad: (sigh)
Me: "Fine, just cut the pita bread in half and then stuff it with the crab dip like a sandwich."
Chad: "I can't eat a dip sandwich. That makes me sound like such a fatty. 'Hey, what are you eating today?' 'Nothing, a dip sandwich."
Me: "Then don't call it a crab dip sandwich. Call it a crab spread on pita."
Chad (satisfied): "Okay. I'll do that."

And that, my friends, is why people call us PR folk 'spin doctors.' And I can spin it like the best of 'em.

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